Vermont Women in Higher Education

I joined the Executive Board of the Vermont Women in Higher Education in September 2016.  From 2013 to 2016, I served as NOVA’s Institutional Representative to the Virginia Network for Women in Higher Education.  As Institutional Representative, I planned several professional development events for NOVA women and worked with a group at the Annandale Campus to develop a mentoring program for women students.

Student Success at Your Fingertips

I was the project manager for NOVA’s Student Success at your Fingertips: Open Modules for Teaching and Learning (SSYF). Formerly called “Learning at Your Fingertips”, SSYF provides faculty with customizable Blackboard modules covering a variety of academic, reading, writing, testing and research topics that can be used across courses and disciplines. See http://www.nvcc.edu/annandale/learning/ to learn more and put these wonderful resources to use.